About This Project

Here we have a series of fine wine that we photographed in our Alexandria studio.

The photographs capture an ambience that corresponds across the collection of images. The styling accompanied by this ambience creates a mood that conveys an emotive tone. Having this tone across all the images allows the photographs to be synced and in harmony. The beautiful and elegant shapes in the wine bottles and glasses add an interesting and sophisticated design element to the images. This element paired with the overall ambience and mood elevate these images to aesthetically capture our attention.

The composition of styled product photography creates a hierarchy that draws our attention to the bottle. From the negative space to the texture and balance within the images, emotively draw interest and create an attention-grabbing arrangement. The soft tonal lighting forms a narrative for the products naturally. The props utilised in the styling process was meticulously placed in an arrangement that didn’t overpower the products.

Having touches of flora and fruit styled within the shoot add elements of still life photography with a contemporary twist. The earthy tones of browns, beiges and terracotta balances this notion of creating a visual narrative. The white and bright label on the bottles juxtaposed against the more diffused and ambient background bring the bottles to the forefront of every image.

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